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We interrupt this weeks scheduled "Watching Radio" installment # 5 of "The invention of Radio".for an announcement of clarification, from it's author. Kevin Marsh/Bella Opus inc.

"NO" Those are not Bella Opus Radio's tupperware containers asking for money at Geigers! .Not only will Bella Opus never ask this community for any money in that manner we will not be filing for any of the usual federal grant monies that stations  apply for.Our grant writer is pulling her hair out over this one.A brand new not for profit corp. and I knock out 3/4 of her idea's right off the bat.There are other ways. But, This country of the United States of America is broke, zip,nada,zilch-O in the bank-O Got it? California is the same way and Laytonville is even worse. Again,after living here and sending kids and grand kids to school  here for over 24 years I could never feel right in my heart asking this community for any money  Not when our elementary school has no money in the budget for a garden. My son Matthias, won an award for Vermi culture, working in this garden.  15 years growing food that kids ate at lunch and now it's just going to sit idle, because of no money. Our fire hall has barely got gas for all the vehicles. The volunteers.have used their own money more than once, plus they buy most, if not all of their own equipment.. The clinic could use a birthing room,an X-ray machine,an X-ray room, an X-ray technician and assistant.

We are trying to find ways of giving to the community as opposed to asking for anything from the community,other than their ears. These stations that are currently being proposed to the community of Laytonville and Long Valley are nothing more than that at the moment. "Proposals"and damn good ones at that. There is absolutely "NO" guarantee that  either Bella Opus or the Long Valley radio project will be granted anything,but, If they are  out of the 17 frequencies available.both stand a very good chance that they will  get licensed. The FCC will start granting CP's (,construction permits) 90-180 days after the window of filing is closed,Oct.29th. After a CP has been granted the real work begins. Installing everything.  after you've found a place to be, for the stations office and studio's. That, Bella Opus has! We have a home.Paid for,with office and studio's. No rent ever due.


Bella Opus inc. is made up of eight individuals,all from Laytonville save for two.. We are a mixture of a grant writer/treasurer, a couple secretary's, one electrical engineer, a structural engineer and a couple rock stars and one on her way up the musical charts and
my wife and I.

We do not offer any certificates to any clubs for any donations,were not putting cans out or planning any movie nights that I know of.We are not applying for any federal funding.We are not even planning any fund drives.All our fund drives will be held on our web site,maybe an occasional reminder that's where you can go to donate.But,other than that.No racing to the phones with operators standing by. We have a few cultural events planned where we may have merch.for sale. Tabling is always cool,if you have something to offer.Such as,T shirts, hats,hoodies,sweats,cups,etc. As I stated a few weeks ago. envision just music.  Music,that's it, just music. That is basically all Bella Opus will have to offer.As little talk as possible and "Only" good news will we report on. Try and imagine a news 1/2 hour where only good and positive stories are reported on. If you want the other news, that's fine.,There are many other stations that give you that.BUT!!!!! We plan to only report what is "Good News" Positive,up lifting reports on human success's and achievements instead of human failure and tragedy,.Night after night. Amy Good man is even getting to be a drag. Couldn't she once just give some goodnews? Well, we plan to give it to you everyday. The definition ofBella Opus is "Beautiful music or musical composition . That will be enough to live up to. Who would have thought? A radio station that plays music,what a concept? Might even catch on..  Remember.ALWAYS question authority.
peace/Kevin Marsh
Bella Opus/Radio-Laytonville.

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