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Getting Closer All the Time


The last week or so has seen a whirl wind of activity around KPFN. Our tower is currently 3/4 assembled laying  in Levi and Shadrach's yard. I want to thank everyone who came out to help assemble everything this past week. It was quite a trip to have everything in the studio all assembled and broadcasting within the confines of studio "A" and the headphones. Then to take everything apart, box it up, put it all back on the shelves. Then lay the new Pergo floor that "Sign 1 Nine" donated. It looks great! Thanks guys.

We could use a front door, anybody got a fairly decent solid core pre- hung door out there with all the hard ware, lock-n-key w/a dead bolt. You know, just putting it out there. Never know what's laying around these hills. Speaking of around these hills, I want to remind folks once again. KPFN is not affiliated in any way shape or form with that other guy or station who blasted the pot growers around these parts for not donating to his station or his cause. NO! We are not the same radio station or same people.

Every man woman and child that is even remotely associated with growing marijuana works their ass off from before the sun comes up till way after sundown. Seven days a week every day of the year. It used to be 8-9 months out of the year and take a break. Not any more. Every single farmer out there is it at twelve months out of the year. There are no breaks any more. You go and visit any one, any time of the year and they are working their butts off, starting, tending, watering, continually in some stage of processing.

I can not tell you how proud I am of those kids that have those forty thousand dollar trucks and no jobs. Can I get a couple "Amens" here? I want a "Hallelujah". You go kids and do what ever in this world you want to do with your money. Hey man I'm a dinosaur compared to these  kids. Let em roll baby. I did, we all did. I gotta be straight up. When I was a teenager I was married with two kids and three jobs. And let me tell you. If I could have found a way,,,,,What I'm saying is let em roll baby, let em roll. These are our children, our grand children. We live in the Saudi Arabia of the ganja world. If we lived in Arabia? Our kids would be driving Rolls Royce's paying twelve dollars a gallon for water.


But we don't and they are not. We live in an impoverished locale where there is squat for opportunities unless you want to move away and be a prison guard or a cop some where. One of the few hopes some of these kids tried to pull off was a piece of dirt they could call they're own and maybe a shot at going to some school. Because of being born and raised in the weed world, if any one has seen it coming to an end? It's them. Like the loggers who saw their future disappearing in front of them, so have these kids around here.

KPFN has not asked anyone for a dime in this town or any where else for that matter. There are a couple people who believe in this project and have saved penny's and dimes along the way for two years to make this happen. We are "old school" in the sense we feel that we should be up and running before we ask for and accept all the offers that have been made. We truly do appreciate that and "YES" we will be accepting your gracious offers of support, especially in our underwriting dept. with the local business's. Winter clothes will be out soon with "Bella", she's a little girl puffin who plays guitar and sings.

Thanks again Laytonville, you are truly making this happen!
Kevin Marsh/KPFN


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