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The First Radio Station


I have to start with many,many thanks to everyone out there who have been following these ramblings and for all the comments of encouragement from folks around town,thanks. Many,many thanks to Jim and Susan for the space,much appreciated.. I started out rather"by the book".Relaying my findings and research. Informative, enjoyable and factual  is actually what I am striving for here. Fact more than anything I think. All the information I have relayed to you has come from.Clemson university,Harvard,Yale and Princeton universities. This particular article comes to you via the Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as CBS Pittsburgh.This day and age,never take what you hear,read or even see. Without the fact to go with it,Always,question authority.

This weeks installment to the "Invention of radio"week four .Is a quick timeline of "Firsts" For KDKA radio-Pittsburgh. The worlds first commercial radio station which all started on Nov. second 1920 (A bit by the book,but yet an informative read) Here we go,

- November 2nd 1920-Worlds first broadcast by a comercialy licensed radio station KDKA.The Harding -Cox presidential elections returns.Broadcaster Leo Rosenburg at 6:00 pm cst

-January 2nd 1921-First broadcast of a regularly scheduled program.The church service of the Calvary episcopal church

-January-1921-First full time radio announcer hired,Harold W. Arlin. Arlin introduced Babe Ruth,Will Rogers,William Jennnings Bryant and Herbert Hoover to radio via KDKA

-March 4th 1921-First broadcast of an presidential inaugural address Warren G. Harding pres.#28

-April 11th 1921-First broadcast of a sporting event a 10 round no decision fight between Johnny Dundee and Johnny Ray at Motor square garden Pittsburgh


-May 19th 1921-First broadcast of government market reports which laid the ground work for all future farm programs

-July 1921-First broadcast of a world heavy weight boxing championship With champ. Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpenter

-Aug.5th 1921-First radio play-by-play of a prof.baseball game Pittsburgh Pirates over the Philadelphia phillies 8-5

-Sept.20th 1921-Worlds first radio newsroom with remote pick-up facilities at the Pittsburgh post

-Oct. 8th,1921 First play-by-play broadcast of a football game,Pitts victory over West Virginia

- Dec. 4th.1922-First musical group established exclusevley for radio.The KDKA little symphony

-July 28th 1982 First radio station to broadcast AM in stereo

-May1st,1989-First station in the world to broadcast from Disney-MGM Radio studio in Lake Buena Vista Fla.

KDKA was the creation of Westinghouse corp. As well Andrew Carnegie Who established the first radio library,Libraries were his gig.He built hundreds across the country. KDKA enjoys Grand-Father staus as one of six remaining stations east of the Mississippi river that have call letters begining  with "K". Three of them are in Pittsburgh KDKA-FM (KDKA's sister station) and KQV as well as KYW. Also is KTGG Okemos,Michigan and KFIZ in Fond du Lac Wisconsin.
Next week,"Women in Radio"
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