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Three Months of Puffin


KPFN"The Puffin" hit it's first 1/4 mark this past Thursday, with three months on the air. It seriously seems like years already, to me at least. Lots of changes, every single one to the positive. Not one set back at all, green lights on open doors. So many leaps and bounds forward it's unreal,again. To me at least. The FCC full licensing, all the music licenses.We have officially filed our application for a 150 watt upgrade. Currently still not available in this area. But!!!. With the issuance of our permanent license. We have passed the first major eligibility hurdle in the application process and are onour way. Just a matter of time,,,and not to long actually. The Puffin would go from Legget to Willets and all points in between. As well as from Ft.Bragg to Covelo. Were taking flight folks, were taking flight.

KPFN is exactly where it should be in it's infancy on the airwaves. Everyone involved is doing their part or has done their part and ventured on. It would not be where it it's at without the assistance of everyone who has come along the last 4-5 years, More specifically, the last three months..The amount in underwriting is getting closer each month to paying it's own way. It still requires a few hundred or so a month in donations to pay the bills. Electricity, internet wi-fi stream service, licensing breakdown in to monthly payments internet tech/radio frequency tech, book keeper,office misc. all toll around 11-1,200.00 each month.Democracy Now, National Native News, the BBC and Free Speech Radio news are all by what ever donation the station can afford or even free the first year to new radio stations who have not established a set budget yet as that is how they charge for services is by your yearly budget. Mutual Radio News is ten bucks a month. As is a couple of our music affiliates we get our new music from, our new releases come straight from ASCAP via our stream licensing people.

Our tech. is getting things to the point of running so good, he's working his way out of a job with each months billing becoming lower and lower. Joseph Feigon, right here in Laytonville. Cat can fix anything computer wise. I cannot actually sit here and say it's been a chorus line of dancing bears all the way. Try as a person may. They are not going to please everyone all the time. Some of the people some of the time, best your going to do at any given time. Most of the people, most of the time. You do that at any business and your doing great. I like to think that is what we have going here at KPFN. We are pleasing most of the people, most of the time. That's pretty good no matter where your from.


One cat had a show here and quit because he said he didn't like me interjecting my own morals into the station. Those morals being, love, honor, peace, respect, the sanctity of marriage, family based values, the very essence of a community and so forth. Huh. Those basic human values are written into the very fabric and by-laws of KPFN & Bella Opus inc.We just never thought we would have to actually explain them to any one. Things like those usually come to a person naturally. EVERY programmer here interjects those values in to every show they do. EVERY one and it shows. I personally am extremely proud of every single programmer we have on board currently, they care and again, it shows, you can hear it.You can feel it.

I have never imposed any anything on anyone here, they live it naturally them selves and bring it to the table every time they show up to do their show. I constantly ask for thoughts, opinions, views from other people. No one ever calls or writes,so. I can only imagine we are on the right track and eventually, we'll find our way, our course, our groove in all the cosmic goo we call,,,radio. As always Laytonville, your the best.
Kevin Marsh

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