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All the Everystuff Along the Way


Been a long three weeks Laytonville. I ,personally, missed the communique with everyone. Talk about a lot going on in this little ville of ours. The extreme total highlight of every year around here, Graduation. What else? Seriously, I have asked and stated many times that our children are, our most treasured and vital entity we have. Nothing is more important than our children and the direction in which they are guided.

KPFN after three months has finally finished their 2014/15 fall/winter schedule of programmed events. I have been writing about all the local talent we have here in Laytonville/Long Valley and around and you're going to be blown out. Totally blown out. People you have known for years and passed in the market or post office everyday.

I would love to be able to disclose  it at this writing, but!!! Just a few more loose ends to secure. Along with, though separate from the program schedule is the program guide. The legend of each program with all the hosts, programmers,engineers and KPFN staff and mngmt. as well as the current board of directors.

Also after telling you about the merchandise coming in any day now, I can thankfully tell you it is in!!!! Big up on Matole River Studio. Keith and the guys did a fantastic job! Artist Janet Young is putting the band together. The "KPFN Tufted Puffins" I would like to introduce to Laytonville and the world around us, to "Opus". Bella will be out soon she plays guitar and sings. If you want to catch up with long time resident and teacher retired, Mr. Bruce Brady, he will be at the Laytonville post office this Friday with myself and a few other local guests offering up T shirts, accepting donations and giving station information from 10am till 3pm or so, for  KPFN's first fund raising attempt in Laytonville. We have a goal. "ON-AIR" The final push to put all the pieces of the puzzle together now that we have acquired 75-80% of those pieces.Speaking of parts and pieces. KPFN will be having a tower raising party  soon.Many,many thanks and hugz and kiss's to Harve and Lourane of Weathertop nursery.


I would like to personally thank all the local business owners who have taken advantage of the one time special sign up offer being offered to all business's for underwriting their favorite programs on KPFN this fall and winter. There will be more information regarding this at the post office this Friday along with the debut of our Fall & Winter schedule, Please feel free to stop by and discuss any facet of this amazing new resource facility for our community . Thank you Laytonville. Again, as always. you are the best!  Call anytime 707.984.7286 or write  us at bellaopusradio@gmail.com p.o. box #1119-95454.

Everyone remember to get out and shake some of the dust off your what-evers at Kate Wolf this weekend. Garth Hudson from the Band and Amy Helm are the ones to catch.As always,stay hydrated, medicated and have a great time. Remember, post office,Friday, T shirts....., T shirts,...... your getting sleepy,,,,, T shirts.,,,,Puffins,,,,,la la
la la la la,,,
Kevin Marsh/KPFN

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