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What a last few weeks in this little hub of a world we live in eh? The high-light this time of year is always our end of school activities around here. Keeps us all in the loop of our young adults going out into the world of uncertainties. Last year some of you may remember" Bella Opus Inc". before we were actually KPFN,  held an event billed as The "Poet Tree" with John Trudell, Dan Roberts and Linda Noel,  to raise a couple bucks for one of our own, graduating this year. We went to scholarship night, where the seniors go to petition those in the community offering scholarships. Not an easy task!  I mean you've got Lions on one side and Lioness;s on the other side. Right up front. For some, if not most of them, it was the first time they've ever spoken  in public. They shined, each and every one of them!  We as a town, that took the time to raise all these bright and wonderful kids over the last 12 years. should be extremely proud of them all. The ones who have plans to go out and change the world, to those who have plans to change it right here at home. It was really great to just be around all the positive energy.

One of the first programs KPFN is offering up to the community of Laytonville/Long Valley, more specific, the L.H.S., middle & elementary schools is broadcasting, reporting, journalism, music production, engineering, hosting their own talk show. The possibilities are endless. I spoke with Dennis Hogan about it a couple times, briefly, and each time. he has to hold his head as it starts spinning. Endless, what a school can do with access to their own radio station! Something I learned a long time ago and which still applies today. everything in it's own time. Speaking of..


KPFN is still awaiting our merchandise, a couple of weeks behind, but hey. Spring and Summer are the busiest time for everyone, especially in the"T" shirt business. Again " everything in it's own time". If you want to see a piece of technology? Check out the Arakis-Mark 15 channel BP-WBluetooth/USB console with built in music libraries and new-wave technology. For those out there that have been waiting until whenever,  to make a donation of this magnitude, now. would be a perfectly fine time for a kind ( 501(c)3, tax-deductible) donation gesture of this caliber. Many, many humble thank yous in advance. One thing I want to put out there again is the need for D.J.'s, hosts. Hosts, if you can talk, you can host. I'm getting calls and ideas sent on and about different talk shows.  A host is required and your going to get tired of hearing Rockstar Ray and myself real quick. So, even if you know someone with a good voice, encourage them to give us a call at the studio at 984.6637 or 984.7286  You can E mail us at bellaopusradio@gmail.com or by mailing us your ideas at p.o. box # 1119 Laytonville,CA.95454-1119. Just a reminder, our web site is still under construction, but, you can access all of the pieces that have been written in the " Observer" over the last year, at www.KPFN.org under Articles. Thanks for having taken the time.

You don't have to have a benefit or own a business to support one of our graduates and you don't have to support "just" the graduating class either. This town is full of young people. Next time you go to town, take the time to stop the first kid you see and ask how she or he is doing---- and wait for a reply. See if they need anything. Take them to the" Nook" and get em a burger. Kids love Liz's burgers.And Natya's milk shakes.  Lets talk about Natya's milk shakes everybody. Talk about the best!!  Good-night Laytonville.  Thanks.
Kevin Marsh

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