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First Solar Powered Radio Station


At six minutes and forty-nine seconds after two p.m. on August 29th 1979. Some fat cat representative from the house of senate in Ohio switched the cerimonial "Switch" that zeroed out the "Toledo Edison" meter at WBNO in Bryon Ohio. And the "Solar power" meter started rise.

Giving birth to the first solar powered radio station in the united states. WBNO 1520 AM. Thirty-five years later WBNO is still on the air broadcasting via the sun,at least 85 % of it is. The Beatles "Here comes the sun" was their tune of choice they were playing at the time they threw the switch.

We should be receiving our transmitter package within the next ten days, two weeks. We recently acquired the necessary tower for our antenna which is part of the transmitter package.Next will be our studio package. Which we like to think through the sale of our "T"'s, tank tops, shorts etc.. Which we will be offering up in the next ten to fourteen days. This way we may be able to acquire the rest of the equipment needed to go "ON-AIR". sooner than expected.

I have tried to do this entire operation without asking the community for a dime. If I fall flat on my face? Hey,it;s my bad. I blew it. I don't want to be held accountable for wasting any community funds. I gotta get on my feet first the way I look at it. I'm telling ya though. Once "On-Air"  This station belongs to Laytonville and I feel through proper management, underwriting our local busness,fund drives and the right grants, with the right sponsors. We will be a vital necessity for the community of Laytonville/Long valley for many,many years to come.


So far,for the last eleven months. My wife Darlene and I have financed this entire organizational operation on our own out of what little we are able to save each month and all the volunteer hours from members of the board and what they pay out of their own pockets for needed items. Office stuff, computer programs, gas money,time, art work,etc. Our p.o. box was paid by a board member. The web site,Facebook, tons of stuff just kind of appears when it's needed. I'm not really sure where it all comes from It has definitely been a group effort. By a group of the most beautiful,dedicated humans I have ever had the honor to work with. They keep me grounded,together and quite focused.

When I go over the edge,they let me know it. They don't wear kid gloves either. Still want to hear from more folks who'd like to do their own radio show.  Seriously, there will be a certain amount of training right here on the equipment you will be using. If you have ran a trim shed and kept a crew of trimmers of all ages happy all day long with your selection of music you've played? Your a DJ. If you can spin the hits for hours on end and never repeat yourself? Your a DJ. If you take requests? Your a DJ.

There's a lot of talent in this area. More than anyone would imagine and I am out to discover all of it I can and give everyone a chance to bring it to life. Age means absolutely nothing. If your in your 80's and remember dreaming about something with "Radio" when you were a kid? Lets do it. If your a kid dreaming about something in radiop, music,voice,sound????? Lets do it. Thanks Laytonville. Check out the Laytonville high school rock band,,,,They rock
peace/Kevin Marsh
KPFN "thePuffin"

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