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Glitz-N-Glamour In Mendo-Land


Hey folks,another week, another story along the way. I was going to mention a couple corrections regarding last weeks article. So, with that covered.. Lets get back to this weeks piece.  EXCITING times are upon us. Lots of hub-bub about the National Geographic folks coming around to see if we are worthy of their investment for a mini series type format. A dozen or so episodes have been batted around between a few of us up here. Produced and directed like a reality T.V. show haveing to do with what else???? Our fantastic supply of scotch broom,yeah that's it. The weed of course and those that have anything to do with it. Not just anybody though. No they have been pretty picky about just the right selection of marijuana participants they want in front of the camera.

If I may? Thank you. These cowboys are just the second wave of Hollywood schemers and scammers that have come before. They are not the first to want to come up here and be everybody's best friend and truly protect our way of life and culture we hold so dear. To show us in the very best light possible and surely do the best they can on our behalf. As well as keep everyone financialy happy. Bull crap. Been there,seen it,heard it all before. A lot of us have.

I have been in and out of Hollywood for over 35 years,,worked there, played there,lived and almost died there. It's been a year or so since. But. If there are any new ones? That being a newer version of the old scumbags. That have schemed and scammed and coned there way to where they are now. Not one or two,or a few. But, all of them,every single producer,director,screen writer and most everyone else in Hollywood. Upon meeting them,the second you are introduced to them. With the firmest hand shake and the biggest smile ever. Are all saying the exact same thing.

"Hey how ya doing? Now,just exactly. What can you do for me? " " I need to know exactly,just exactly what can you do for me? How often can you do it and Oh. Forget that. I'll let you know how often,when and where you schmuck. So,now do not waste mine time. Huh, what is it bub?" What can you do for ME??"


They're "Takers" it's how they make a living how they pay the rent,pay they're bills. It's they're job.O.K.. It's they're job. So far, these National Geographic folks aren't to bad. I mean , nice enough folks and all that. They haven't done anything they said they were going to do. But that's to be expected. It's in they're DNA to be the way they are. They will seriously tell you anything they think you might want to hear. That, they are extremely good at. Telling you everything you ever wanted to hear in words you've never heard before.

But to actually follow through with what they said they would do? Very rare, very rare indeed with any of them. But, they are all very nice people. These N.G. folks. Very nice people. Just be careful that's all I am saying. This is our home, our way of life,our culture as a people who have lived here a large portion of their lives if not all of it. Be careful where you let folks go , specially if they have a camera.

They have been up here in northern Mendocino and southern Humboldt for over a month and will be here all summer into,,,,,,, What they really want on film. They have obviously gotten funded by somebody. National Geo or someone is footing the bill. There's a film crew, associate producers,sub-contractors. A whole barrage of film folks up here. That has cost a ton of money. BUT. NO ONE!!! None of us. not one. Has received a penny from anyone. They come in an dget folks worked up be cause YES. It's cool to be in the movies. No question about it. And they know it. They prey on that right there and come in,get out with everything they need and nobody get's squat. Except squated on. Be careful.

Call your Mom and Dad,hug a stranger anddon't let them take the fish-n-chips off the menu at the Cheif drive in,they are fantastic.
Kevin Marsh
KPFN "The Puffin"

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