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KPFN "The Puffin" 105.1 Brief Update


Just a quick up date on what's been happening at the Puffin the last couple weeks.Out of the 32 or so programmers, hosts and engineers we have scheduled, For approx. 40 some odd different programs. About half have come through and received the proper training required for doing their show. Running the boards decks, mics and so forth It has been a lot of fun I really gotta tell ya.

There is truly a lot of talent in and around this little community of ours. A lot of inspiration that kept the dreams alive, that has reached fruition. in a lot of lives. Loren, Mark and Reggie from Sign1Nine. Came through and did a mini version of what one of their shows are going to meld into. And it was the music that inspired them that came across. Music that led Loren to the drums, Mark and Reggie to their world and so on. Roland came in and did a set from what his gig is up to in the extremely heavy world of Punk. Some of the stuff made the Sex Pistols sound like Barry Manilow. Turns out his Father and Reggie played in the same band years ago. Your going to have to stay up late for Roland to comply with all the rules, regulations and guidelines established by the fcc.

One of the most interesting guys to teach was Josh "The Big Guy" Early on sports. I am not kidding anyone. This cats a pro and was made for this from scratch. Josh played some college football in his younger days and he still hangs with all these cats he went to school with. Still goes to all the games and does not miss a beat. Not one! He is definitely going to be a thrill to listen to whether you like sports or not.



Swami Cha-Tataniya came through and did a half hour shot of his show "Sundays With Swami" I was mesmerized how much there was to know about the sound OM. I thought it was just the first sound all babies make and the omming the monks do, the earth , the harmonic balance and all of that . I understand that. This Swami cat took it to another level of conscienceness. And it was only a half hour test demo. WOW!!! This cats unreal.

There have been 15 or 16 so far and about the same to go. Once everyone is ran through and we are all feeling good. We'll slide on to the air waves like we've always been there, get comfortable. Then have a blow out some where down the line.

Everybody has been truly wonderful they really have each and everyone.I'll try and bring everyone  a little more up to date next week on all that's happening with the news room and journalism dept.
Thanks Laytonville,
Kevin Marsh/KPFN

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