"The Puffin" Laytonville's Original Radio Station

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KPFN "The Puffin" 105.1 lp-FM Testing


What a long strange trip it's been. Just to this point. 10 years of talking about it, over 2 years of legalities and gathering equipment. Plus hundreds of hours of construction. Over three months of training programmers, hosts and engineers and we are almost there. I can not begin to tell you what a rewarding experience this has been.I am sitting here trying to find words on how I actually feel about what I am about to write. Can't tell, haven't written it yet.

Oh yeah,, This Saturday & Sunday February 14th & 15th, we here at KPFN are pleased to invite you all to periodically tune your radio's to 105.1 on the FM dial and see if were coming through. If so? Give the studio a call at 707.984.6637. Let us know how it sounds and where you are calling from if you would please? We will be testing our frequency along with some of our equipment which requires on-air presence. Thanks Laytonville we would never be this close with out your support and will never stay on the air with out it either.



Good thing we have a  low budget as well as being low power eh. We plan to remain affordable and around for generations.

KPFN will be recording their first live event this Thursday evening at the Laytonville H.S.. We will be recording the Laytonville High School Rock Band for a latter broadcast. This is their annual winter concert. The recording and archiving equipment is made possible by a grant from the Bill Grahm Supporting Foundation.

See everyone at the Winter Concert and thanks for tuning in.
Kevin Marsh/KPFN "The Puffin" 105.1 FM

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