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Many Thanks from KPFN


Before it gets to far away I want to thank the crowd that came out for "The Young Dubliner's" on May 20th. There are some things in life you can not put a price on our weigh your success in dollar amounts.This evening was most definitely, one of those. I have to say after putting on gigs in this town for over 25 years,this one worked. How so? Again, you just can not put a price on the evening a couple hundred people supremely enjoyed.A completely different "cultural" event came to town in the form of a hard working  Irish rock-N-roll band,not Celtic. Irish rock-N-roll.The band and the crowd connected. Every member of the band was able to connect with every person in the audience For KPFN it was not the most financial success, as far as a benefit goes.But!!!!!!!!!!!

The evening generated over $15,000.00 in this little ville of ours where nothing ever happens. The motels, stores, eateries ,gas station,vol.'s and liquor store all did well that evening. Plus, we got a nice new world class stage out of the deal. Many thanks to Albert, Palo,Jakob,and everyone who helped on that project. Along with everyone from the Laytonville water dist for all their assistance through the event. As well as a huge thanks to Long Valley Lumber for their donation of the 1"1/8 hardi-floor,very nice!. The plan is to rhino liner the entire deck of the stage eventually. It should be complete some time this summer with the wrought iron and the hand rails on.This event , as well as a good many others could not have happened with out the help and the approval of The Laytonville Rodeo Assn. Big up to everyone involved. Niki,Jaymna,Roland and the crew from Laytonville Healthy Start,The Mendocino county sheriff, Ca. ABC, Daft Punk and all they did

KPFN looks at a "Benefit" a little different than others I guess. When we do a benefit, it's designed to benefit the entire community,business, commerce, funds generated within the community. Everybody benefits from our benefits. That's the way it should be,isn't it? Did KPFN take any loot to the bank? No we did not. Did everyone in town get paid? Yes they did. Like Calico used to tell,,"Bottom Line Every thing Kevin, that's all that matters". Just like the Mermen, The Young Dubliners will be back. We have a series of blues events scheduled for this winter beginning this fall Sept.22nd  with Chris Duarte headlining. Blue Luke and the Johnny Young band are on board,more TBA. Thank you so much Laytonville and!! Before I get out of here. The May 20th gig could not have carried it's magic alone,not with out the Square Head's.. Laytonville's own and the worlds only, "Jazz Fusion-Jam-band" literally stole the show and with the Dubs bringing them up on stage,,what an honor for those young men. Also, as I am writing this. Just after the Summer Arts fair at Benbow. Long Valley Dance and the Laytonville high school rock band blew the roof off an out door event Saturday morning on the Tree stage as did,,,,,once again. The Square Heads on Sunday after noon on the solar stage. They all did great.


In our endeavors to constantly bring a few "Cultural steps forward" to this community. With out the vision being ,,,every one is a "Ticket" or a "Parking space " or,,,what ever.When you apply for a 501(c)3 non-profit. You are asked to enter a "Mission Statement". What is the "Bottom Line" of who you are? In one statement. Every second we are on the air and every event we hold is a testament to who and what KPFN/Bella Opus inc. is all about.

"KPFN is a charitable,non-profit,non stock,research and education foundation dedicated to improving the content of entertainment programming through music.". The people you apply this with expect you to actually "live up to your mission". As a listener, supporter of KPFRN "the Puffin" 105.1-lpFM. You are part of this mission with us,thank you.

Kevin Marsh
vol. KPFN

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