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The Next Wave

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The next generation of growers are in town and they are here to stay. What is occuring in our area is small time considering what is going on else where in this state.That seven acre grow up in Humboldt, actually both of them with several hundred pending,and. What is going on here in Laytonville doesn't even make the map of what is considered "Large Mega-Grows". Seriously folks. What is going on is Salinas valley, Coalinga,Santa Barbara,San Diego and many other points of So.California. In all reality are "Big-Canna". As are these folks around here,don't get me wrong. 10,000-100,000 plants or more,yes. That is big-canna no way to say it's anything else.

Think about it folks. It's the next wave of growing,go big or stay home. Or work for some one who did go big. So what? As long as it's legal,right?. Which I still do not know how they claim to be legal. With the ultimate bottom line being, federal law super ceding all other county and state laws. I've grown my share of reefer in my life and I say, "Bang-A-Gong" baby. Get it on, This comes with a huge IF! Around here that is. Are you land and neighbor sensitive and totally 100% considerate of everything and everyone around you and your operation? Do you kick down to the community and the non-profits that has provided you with the once in a life time opportunity to do what you are doing?

History is being written and played out at the same time here,,,in real time. With no time to get ahead of what is going on. There's no guide book to the way things currently are. Agreed there are multiple agencies with huge staffs writing all kinds of crap that they claim to be our "Guide Book".But,it means jack crap itself. What is known as legal cannabis in Cal.is the worst piece of legislation to have ever been introduced,let alone passed. I have invited anyone and everyone involved around here to let me know "One"thing.That's all,one thing.Good, about legal cannabis now.What is so good about it for the average mom-N-pop who used to be able to grow their own cannabis and make their own salves and medicine for them selves and that can not do that any more? What is good about causing severe pain and suffering for millions of people?

I understand it's good for big-canna, I understand that. Now mom-N-pop have to "BUY" their meds from you. Why? Because the law says so.BS.

Why couldn't prop 215 have stayed in place as things were till the mugwumps got it figured out for everyone.Not just the dispenseries, nurseries & manufactures. I'm just asking, what about the little guy? They were never taken into consideration is what about the little guy. The people who have lived around here and contributed their lives to this culture and were never thought of. We understand that. AND!!! IF? That is not the way it is. You are here by invited to come on the air and explain to everyone just the way it actually is. Because nobody knows and everyone is asking.


If,big canna is the way of the future? Which by the looks of thingsis the way of the "Next wave" of growing cannabis here in Mendoland. They all need to be considerate of those who went before them and still live here trying to survive and raise their children like they have for decades before you arrived. Five years, ten years,,,your still the new kid in town.Have some respect and kick down every now and again to the same entities your kids go to school with and hang with,pepper some of these non-profits around here that are suffering because of the lack of cash that has been re-routed in this community.

You came in late from where ever you came from. The older hippies established unspoken rules regulations and guidelines long ago about helping each other out. We have lived by that set way of being for over forty years. Passed on to our children and their children and everything and everyone who ever came around us. A life of loving respect prevailed for many years. It wasn't some thing we thought we had to verbally teach to people. Evidently we were wrong. We forgot  about the "other ones". Those who did not live here. City people. O.K. your here,get hip, please. Adjust to where you are. Instead of trying to implement any city planning and way of life crap on us,again.Please try not to do that. Were pretty well set that way.

Big Canna legal or not and there are many of you guys out there,try and employ as many LOCAL people as you possibly can. They used to grow and know way more than anyone on the face of this earth.. Locals are your work force. Kick down to as many local non-profits as you possibly can.They are the ones who make this little hamlet the place you want your families to live in and work in and to attend school in. With out them. Laytonville will eventually become a truck stop on the side of 101.SPEND local. Shop at Giegers and Fosters and park-N-tak it and the lumber yard and eat at the local eateries. So many people make a ton of loot in this community and do not spend a dime here.Bums, leech's,and a gang of "takers".Maybe I just got long hair to cover my red-neck but I see to many entities and business' in this community and not just growers either. That make tons of cash here and kick nothing down to the community and spend zero dollars local. They take, but give nothing. Bums.

Oh well,what a ya gonna do? Eh!!! Again,these big green house grows and huge grows all together. The way of the world kids. There is no going back once the doors been open. The only thing that really bums a lot of folks out,,,,,why didn't I think of that? Big Canna is here to stay unless the Feds say other wise,just do it right and have respect for the land and your neighbors. Spend some money &Shop local.

thanks everyone/Kevin Marsh

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