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First I really want to thank everyone for all the calls and E mails. There's a lot of interest in this little project here in our town. Folks who had always wanted to be a part of spinning the hits and now's the chance. The interest and desire is full on with most everyone. Once the training process is explained everyone gets over basically the only fear, which is operating the equipment..

It can be a bit daunting at first. It's just like anything else a person has never done before. They have to be taught. The over all "want" and "desire"  for this is the major requirement in radio. One lady called up and asked if we could show her how to be a talk show host. She has never been on radio in her life and it's like she said " I think, I have always wanted to do this". This woman is answering a call that's been within her for years. Of course we can help her to realize her own dreams are within  her grasp. This is what community is about. This is what growing and nurturing one another is all about. People we do not even know, have never met before, and, through this little radio project,  we can meet, get together and help each other's dreams come to fruition. I've gotten a few of these calls and I have to tell you. It's a beautiful thing, it truly is.


Been chipping away at the fall/winter schedule coming up. KPFN is going to be beginning our broadcasting day at 7:00 a.m. 7 days a week and ending our broadcast day at 2:00 a.m. . For a total of eighteen hours of music,news and commentary. With the weight falling mainly upon the music end of things. KPFN will be providing more music throughout the course of the broadcasting day than any station in northern California. Plain and simple. More music per hour than anyone.Which equally relates to less talk than any station. We have a goal. Every hour of every day with more music than anyone. This is all I can let out regarding our format. Too many times along the road in life, as soon as you make a public comment on what you plan to do, It's done by twenty people before you get the chance.

Going to be keeping it short this week. It was really great to see everyone at Wheels last week for Leighanna's benefit. I can not even begin to say enough about the talent in this community, totally awesome.  In love-N-light Laytonville.
Kevin Marsh/KPFN

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