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The Real Father of Radio Nathan Stubblefield


Getting back to what this article had originally been about, which was. The invention of radio. Back in 1882 14 years before Fessenden or Marconi or any of the other money mongers connected corporate thievery of the airwaves. There was actually at least one honest guy out there.His name was Nathan Stubblefield. He lived alone in the hills of Murray Kentucky.

Nathan, a lot like Tesla. Was an inventor. He had no time for lobbying for stuff like patents and things of the sort and did not trust any of the people that did. He had gone to Wash.D.C. a time or two and called everyone there a bunch of "Thieves after the working mans money" He was an honest human being that literally was "connected" to the earth. In more ways than one.He was able to capture radio waves and tele-communication waves with out any wires. Wireless communication. "Out of thin air" his neighbors said. Tales of weird lights and sounds all night from his place were all over the country side. Folks said if you got within a half a mile of his place lights, buzzers and bells went off. If you got any closer you could get zapped from out of no where. Kind of like walking in the woods around here. He was able to communicate over a mile or so with his "Black box". It sat on a table or some where in your house. Without any bells ringing or any buzzers.


All of a sudden you would hear,"Hey are you there"? Or some thing and you would just start a conversation. When you were done, you were done. That simple. He had his neighbors all hooked up to it. He had plans in the works and was working on a bigger model that when finished. A persons communication, distance wise. Would be endless. FOR FREE. That's why they hated him in Wash. Nathan died in 1928 at the age of seventy years old of starvation and to many visions. He had tons of inventions nobody has ever heard of. The good folks of Murray Kentucky erected a statue to Nathan in 1930. The library of congress has some good reading on Nathan as well as many sites on the internet.

Things are coming along very nice on the station. Studio "A" and "B" are both complete. The board of directors likes to think we will be able to order our transmitter package fairly soon.  We are also at www.KPFN.org Though under construction our home page is up with all the additives to soon follow. Many thanks to Johnny Indovina at Schecter guitars and Heather Rinne of Heather Feather design. We can be reached there as well as, Bella Opus/KPFN on face book and more direct at bellaopusradio@gmail.com. For those who enjoy the mail, we are at P.O. box #1119 Laytonville,CA. 95454 Check out PuffinPalooza.Till next week. Kevin Marsh

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